David MilnerCEO and Founder

David Milner has served as the Chief Executive Officer of NuGen Capital Management since he founded the company in 2009. Mr. Milner is responsible for the strategic direction and capital allocation of the NuGen platform. NuGen owns and operates large scale solar projects and energy storage systems and has acquired significant land and real estate holdings. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Milner founded, operated and exited from successful investment companies and businesses in energy and real estate. David was a Director of Climate and Alternate Energy at Hastings Funds Management (, a private equity fund based in Australia and owned by Westpac Bank. Prior to HFM, he was the co-Founder of the Climate Leaders Fund (CLF), a private equity fund in the US and Australia as well as several other investment companies in both energy and real estate.

In 2012, Mr. Milner took a sabbatical from NuGen to serve as the Chief Corporate Officer of the “Campaign to Fix the Debt,” a national effort founded by Erskine Bowles and Senator Alan Simpson to encourage a comprehensive debt deal. David has a B.A. in Economics from Middlebury College and attended the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business as a National Fellow.

Danny Poydenis 205x250

Dan Poydenis, President

Daniel Poydenis was appointed President of NuGen Capital in October 2015 to oversee the growth, development and management of the company’s renewable energy and real estate investments. For the previous five years, Mr. Poydenis served as the company’s Managing Director & General Counsel during which he managed NuGen Capital’s transactional, investment and legal efforts. Prior to joining NuGen Capital, Mr. Poydenis served as Managing Director & General Counsel of a development firm that actively develops, owns and operates solar photovoltaic projects and real estate assets throughout the continental United States.  Mr. Poydenis previously practiced law as an attorney in the New York office of DLA Piper LLP (US), where he represented institutional lenders and equity investors in connection with sophisticated structured finance transactions and investments in the energy and real estate sectors.  Mr. Poydenis has a B.A. from Villanova University where he was captain of the baseball team and a member of the All Big East Academic Team. Mr. Poydenis has a J.D. (Cum Laude, Honors) from Villanova School of Law and is admitted to the bar association in the States of New York and New Jersey.

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Aaron Rust, Director of Asset Management

Aaron Rust has served as the Director of Asset Management for NuGen Capital since September 2015. Mr. Rust is responsible for overseeing NuGen Capital’s operation and maintenance efforts and quality assurance standards to ensure optimum asset performance across the company’s growing renewable energy portfolio. Mr. Rust joins NuGen Capital from the construction sector, with deep experience managing the moving parts of a construction site, meeting deadlines, and ensuring the highest-quality product. Mr. Rust’s attention to detail and eye for excellence, combined with his creative problem-solving skills and hands-on leadership style, allow our team to provide the continuous, dedicated attention needed to meet the real-world conditions of optimum renewable energy asset performance.

Laura McCoart, Director of Operation & Administration

Laura McCoart has over 15 years of extensive specialized experience with large and small companies managing their operational and communication functions with her most recent role at Teach For America in Providence, Rhode Island. Her prior experience includes serving as the Registrar and Chairman of the Board of Admissions at the Northeast Maritime Institute in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. During this time, she was one of the major developers in founding the first private maritime college in the United States to offer opportunities to low income communities and was responsible for implementing the program once approved by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. During this time, she has also managed the development and implementation in numerous Requests for Proposals on behalf of the organization. Laura’s keen eye for detail and operations provides clients a main point of contact for all project needs to provide seamless development, implementation, and management for all parties. Prior to Northeast Maritime Institute, Laura worked for 10 years in a variety of operational and financial roles for Arpin Van Lines based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Laura is extremely passionate about the impact organizations can make to the sustainability of the community through education initiates.