Submit an Opportunity/Project

Send us your development projects or inquiry on how you would like to collaborate with our team. Below are some of the opportunities we are constantly on the look for, but our team always welcomes new and impactful investment opportunities and ideas to build our portfolio.

Example Partners

Land Owners

  • Willing to sell their land
  • Willing to enter into a long-term lease of their land
  • Currently have solar on land and would like to sell

Building Owners

  • Willing to enter into a long-term lease of the roof
  • Looking to reduce electricity costs
    of building
  • Lease excess land on site
  • Looking to sell building with roof
    conducive to solar

Business Ventures

  • Developers in need of capital
  • Companies looking for corporate investment
  • Companies looking for a capital partner

Solar Projects

  • Operating Projects
  • Fully Permitted Projects
  • Early Staged Projects
  • Projects in Need of Capital

Looking for ideas on how to create value and how to be a part of the “Go Green” movement?